Sharon's new Window!

Long story short...  Last winter (2002) we had a large snowfall.  When it started to melt off, it began draining into our gutters - like it's supposed to do.  Well, the gutters were already full because they had frozen.  This caused the water to spill over the edge.  It just so happens that the place it spilled over was directly above the window air conditioner we had in the dining room.  This, in turn, was also full of ice, so it redirected the water into the house directly over Sharon's new china hutch. (I should have taken pictures, but Sharon was more concerned about stopping the water, cleaning up the mess, and washing all the dishes... go figure!)

Anyway, I preformed a radical window-unit-ectomy, to keep the water from continuing to flow into the house, but now we have a gaping hole in the wall.  [This hole used to be a window (the center of a bay window), but it was filled to accommodate a window-unit air conditioner.]  So, I ran out to the garage to find something to cover the hole and keep the brisk air outside for the short-term.  Move your cursor over the graphic below to see the artistic piece of wood I found to cover the hole...

This was supposed to be a TEMPORARY fix, but we began to ignore it after the first few weeks.  Now, over a year has past, and we just consider it to be another piece of our eccentric art style.  Someone referred to it as a jumping man... I guess!?!?

ANYWAY... Sharon and I discussed what kind of window we wanted to put in place of the fine piece of wood.  I was thinking of a basic window, but she wanted to get a special window made for it.  She talked to some folks at a place in Bettendorf, IA called "Glass Blast", but they didn't seem to want her business.  OK, OK, maybe they were just too busy, or maybe the person behind the desk was inexperienced... but basically, Sharon was disappointed with them.  She then found out there was a business close to us that did this type of work.  The place is called "Glass Impact", and they were very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Sharon let them know what she had in mind and they let her look through their design books. She decided on the pattern and colors and they took it from there.

Over the weekend, we were able to go to the shop and see the progress of the window.  Below are some of the pictures I took.  I will try to update this page as we get more pictures of the window.  I think it is looking FINE, and can't wait to get it installed. (Although I may miss the existing artwork for a minute or two.)


Sharon chose the Dark Green center.  They offered a lighter one, but the dark green looked best!

Here, Sheila is discussing how the glass is cut and placed so the "flow lines" will match properly and give
the window an organized look.  She spent quite a bit of time explaining the process.

Here are some of the other parts that will be used to finish the window.

A close-up of the window.  The lead will be "antiqued" with a patina coating to make it look like pewter. 

We picked-up the finished window the first week of March.  Since we didn't want to open the hole
in the wall while it was still so cold, we enlisted the services of Hastings as a guard-dog to keep it safe.

With the thermal pane glass on either side, it makes the unit an inch thick, and very heavy!

We finally got a few nice days, so we tore out the "jumping man" plywood and was able to get the
window installed during the last week of March.  Here are two pictures of the installed window from the
inside and outside (at night!)

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